1. How to use this app for new users?

You can see details at: Full set of user guide on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

2. Why I can not log in to the app?

The failure to log in can be caused by one of the following two reasons:

- Cause 1: Occurs on iPhone 7 and lower, maybe the old operating system should not be supported.

- Cause 2: The current device has not been set to “Automatic” in the timezone. Go to your iPhone's "Settings" > General > Date and time, and make sure "Automatic time" is turned on.

3. How do I view a previous month's report?

There are 2 ways to view the old data:

- Method 1: On the Overview screen, you can click on the pie chart to open a new page. Here, select the filter function in the funnel icon in the top right corner, you can filter by the month you want to see. (can filter for 1 or more months at the same time).

- Method 2: On the Statistics page, clicking on the chart will open a detailed list of the current month. Then, select the filter function and the system will return the data you want to see.

4. Why do the color of the text/chart change frequently?

Income-planed spending is the most important goal of the SmEx: Smart Expense Manager. Therefore, every month you need to have your Income - Spending plan. Based on that plan, the application will calculate the daily spending/income average and the specific spending/income average for each category. If you exceed the limit, the application will immediately display red color to remind you to limit unnecessary spending, thereby sticking to the plan and spending more reasonably.

5. How can I edit/delete existing records?

- To edit a record: you can directly click on the record and edit it as desired.

- To delete a record: swipe the record to the left, and click the red trash can icon to delete it.

6. How can I see the records of my family member?

To see the spending record of other people in your family, you first need to become member with them.

Step 1: Go to the "Other" menu, and create a family account. Then send a 6-digits family code to person you want to invite.

Step 2: They need to enter a code to claim the head of their family.

Once agreed, two people can see each other's spending records. Enter data separately, but can view aggregated data.

You can see more details at: How to create a family on the SmEx: Smart Expense Manager.

7. How can I change the app’s color?

To change the app color as well as change the color of other elements according to your personal preferences, do the following:

Step 1: Select the "Other" item in the navigation bar and click on the "General settings" section.

Step 2: In the displaying screen, click "App colors"

Step 3: Here you can change the following elements: Application colors, colors that represent spending within budget - over budget, and normal colors.

Step 4: If you want to return the default app color, click the icon in the top right corner and wait for about 2 seconds.

8. How can I switch from English to another language?

To change the language in the application, select “Other” then go to the “Language” section of “General settings”, then select the name of the language you want to change. Currently, the SmEx: Smart Expense Manager application has more than 29 different language versions worldwide.

9. What is the function of the Asset with a star icon?

The star represents the asset as the default. Each user can only own 1 default asset/wallet. This is a required property and cannot be deleted. In case the user adds records but does not select assets/wallets for those income and expenditure notes, the system will automatically update those records to the default assets.

10. How to repay/collect with different interest/fees?

For debt, you can completely pay it many times with different interest fees.

You can refer to the details here: Record debt payments on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

11. Which function in the application can record recurring notes?

You can refer to the “Recurring Notes” feature of the application. Here, you can create a fixed income/expenditure by day or week, month, or year depending on your usage purpose. Details at: How to create recurring notes on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

12. How to use the application effectively?

The app has a reminder function. Each time, the system will send you a notification with sound. You can enable reminders by doing the following:

Step 1: Go to "Other", and select "General settings".

Step 2: In the "Reminder" section, turn on "Notifications".

Step 3: You can choose the number and timeline for the application to send reminders with arbitrary volume.

13. Can I use the same account on two devices?

Currently, an account can still be used on 2 or more different devices simultaneously.

14. How do I find the financial history for a year?

Statistical function on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager helps you to review statistical reports from many months ago as well as many years ago through filters.

- Method 1: On the Overview screen, click on the statistics area to move to the detailed statistics screen for this month. Next, click the funnel-shaped filter icon on the top right to see statistics by month, year, and category. Click “Done” to complete the process.

- Method 2: You access the "Statistics" section, there are 3 statistical options according to Spending, Income, and Inc-Spe. Use the “Filter” function at the top right to select the year you want to view. At this point, a statistical chart by 12 months of the year will appear and you can follow it in the most complete and specific way.

Details at: Spending - Income Statistics on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

15. What is the “Not shown in the statement” feature in SmEx: Smart Expense Manager?

It can be understood that the "Not shown in the statement" will depend on the user's purpose. For example, if there is income and expenditure that is not yours that you are keeping on behalf of, the "Not shown in the statement" will help you avoid errors in your income and expenditure statement.

16. What are the anonymous record and anonymous asset? How do I use them?

The incognito function helps you to hide all the records you want, your family members can't see them either.

- Switch from regular records to anonymous records: You need to swipe a record from right to left to open the option, and select the crossed-out eye icon to hide the record.

- In case you want to create a new anonymous record, do long clicking the (+) button to display the options to add a new anonymous record(dark green interface) to start taking records anonymously.

In order to perform anonymous access, it's required to create a security code and a backup code. The backup code will help you to access the anonymous interface.

To learn more about anonymous access, please see details at:  Anonymous assets on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager.

17. What happens when I delete an asset?

On the SmEx: Smart Expense Manager application, when you delete any asset, the remaining balance as well as the income and spending records of that asset will automatically be included in the default asset.

18. How do I edit the beginning balance of an asset?

To edit the opening balance of an Asset as quickly as possible, please click on the 3 dots to the right of each asset and select the option “Edit assets”. Details at: Adjust asset balance on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager.

19. What are events in Expensee?

The “Events” creation and statistics function will help you manage and track the money flow of an individual event. To know more about how to create and use the "Events" feature, please see details at: How to create an event on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager.