How to create an event on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

A. Create a new event

Here are ways to create a new event on the SmEx: Smart Expense Manager app:

1. Go to “Other” on the navigation bar.

2. Click "Events" in the management section.

3. Click “Add event” to start creating a new event.

4. Press (+) to start creating a new event.

5. Enter the event name.

6. Enter the plan of expense.

7. Enter the plan of revenue.

8. Select a start date.

9. Select an end date for the event.

10. Click “Done” to finish creating a new event.

11. The search function helps you find events faster.

12. Click here to see events under 2 conditions happening and finished.

After successfully creating an event, swiping an event from right to left can quickly edit or delete an event.

In addition, events can be created directly on the add-note screens.

When the add note screen is opened.

1. Select “Advanced”.

2. Select (+) to start creating an event.

B. How to add a new note in the created event.

1. After clicking on any event, the event details screen is displayed

2. Events are classified into 3 sessions: Expenses - Income - Summary to help you easily track and manage notes in this event.

3. Press (3) or (4) to start creating notes under this event.

You can also select any event from the add-notes screen that you want.

1. On the screen to add a note, click "Advanced".

2. Press “--Select event –” to select any event.