How to create recurring notes on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

The steps to create a recurring expense:

1. Click “Other” on the navigation bar

2. Click “Recurring Notes”

3. Click “Add spending” or (+) to start creating a recurring expense

4. Enter the amount (required)

5. Select a category (required)

6. Select “Details” or “Advanced” to make notes or select events and assets for the note.

7. Click “Repeat options” to set up the note

9. Choose a start date

8. When “Automatically add, no need to ask” is enabled, notes are entered into the data automatically.

   When "Automatically add, no need to ask" is disabled, the system will notify whenever there is a recurring note. You can choose to save or not. 

10. Set the note repetition period: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

11. Set the number of repetitions in that interval

12. Set a fixed date to record the note

13. Set an end date for the note

14. Click “Done” button at the bottom of the “Repeat options” popup to save the repeat settings to the system.

15. Click “Done” on the top right screen to complete a recurring note.

(Similar to the recurring income record)

After creating a recurring note successfully, the screen below will be displayed every time you open the app at the time you set to remind you to save the note.

1. Announce the number of recurring notes

2. Select all notes

3. Number of selected notes

4. Click to select each note you want to save.

5. Edit any notes.

6. “Delete, do not save” selected notes.

7. Click “Save” to record the selected notes in the system.