- Sign in to the application through your social accounts (we support linking Google, Apple and Gmail)

- Using without logging in.

Log in to the SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

A. Sign in to the app:

Step 1: Open the app "Smart Exp" on your device, the screen displays the message "Smart Exp wants to send you a notification..." Click “Allow”.

Step 2: Select the language you want to use. Click “Start”.

Step 3: Read the introduction lines about “Secondary Security Code”, “Anonymous Spending”, and “My family”. Click “Understood” to go to the login screen.

Step 4: Choose one of three ways to log in:

- Sign in with Google

1. Click “Sign in with Google”.

2. Click “Continue”.

3. Choose an account to continue to Smart Exp.

- Sign in with Facebook

1. Click “Sign in with Facebook”.

2. Click “Continue”.

3. Click “Open”.

4. Click “Continue as {Facebook Name}”.

- Sign in with Apple

With your device's passcode:

1. Tap “Sign in with Apple”.

2. Click “Continue with passcode”.

3. Enter the passcode.

 With Touch ID:

1. Click “Sign in with Apple”

2. Enter Touch ID

B. Using the app without logging in:

At the login screen, press “Skip” and use.