Record debt collection on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

Record debt collection on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager:

- Method 1: Swipe the debt to the left, and select the third icon from the right.

- Method 2: Go to the details of the debt to be collected, and click "Debt Collection".

- Method 3: Enter any note in the overview screen, then select "Debt Collection" option as shown in Figure 3.

- Method 4: Use "Debtor Creditor" feature, select the person to pay, and click “Debt Collection”.

After the "Debt Collection" screen is displayed, you can fill in the necessary information:

1. Final settlement

2. The principal amount received.

3. Amount of profit, if any.

4. The note shows the amount of the loan remaining.

5. Date and time to enter the debt collection.

6. Notes you want to add.

7. Wallet to put the debt collection in.

8. Attached are pictures if available.

9. The event has this collection.

10. Click “Done” to complete the collection.

11. Record the principal amount of the debt as shown in the figure.

12. Record the amount of interest earned on the debt shown as shown.