Record spending on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

- There are 4 ways to add new expenses:

Method 1: Click the button “Add spending”.

Method 2: Click on the '+' sign, and select the second icon from the left.

Method 3: Add spending by voice (Can only be used when the app is in the Vietnamese language)

Method 4: Shake the mobile to open the add new spending screen.

- Set details to an expense:

1. Amount of spending. (Compulsory).

2. Suggested amount.

3. Categories. (Compulsory).

4. Dates of the spending.

5. Notes want to add for this expense.

6. Assets of the spending.

7. Attached image.

8. The event for which you have this expense.

9. Optional if you do not want to include this in the income statement.

10. Turn on the toggle if this expense is borrowed from someone else.

11. The name of the lender to pay.

12. Click ‘Done’ to finish adding the expense.

13. The recorded expenditure is displayed as shown.

14. You can swipe left to manipulate this expense: Duplicate - Anonymous - Delete.