Security code and backup code on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

To protect or view an anonymous account and add an anonymous note, you first need a security code and a backup code. So what is the difference between a security code and a backup code?

- The security code will ask to be entered every time you open the app you are logged in with your account.

- When the app asks for a code to unlock like the above step, you can enter a backup code to access the incognito interface, and it will show all your anonymous notes.

Steps to create security codes and backup codes are as below:

1. Select “Other” in the navigation bar.

2. Click on “General Settings”.

3. Turn on “Security Code” then the “Set Security Code” screen will appear, enter the 4 digits you want.

4. After the security code has been set, turn on the backup code and enter the next 4 digits. Note: The backup code needs to be different from the security code.