Take notes anonymously on the SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

1. How to add anonymous notes:

Method 1: On a normal note, swipe from right to left (1) then select the slashed eye icon to make the anonymous note.

Method 2: To create a new anonymous note, long press (2) to display 4 recording suggestions (3).

When selecting (3), the anonymous note screen will have a dark interface as shown in Figure 3 to start recording.

Before creating an anonymous record, you need to have your own security code and backup code, details at: Security code and backup code on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

How to view anonymous notes:

1. When opening the application, the system will ask you to enter the code to unlock. Enter the backup code to access the anonymous interface.

2. Anonymous notes will be different from regular notes in the blue left margin.

*Note: Family members will not be able to view each other's anonymous notes. Family details at:  How to create a family on the SmEx: Smart Expense Manager