Transfer between assets on SmEx: Smart Expense Manager

- Open the “Transfer” screen:

Do either of the following to move to the “Transfer” screen.

- Method 1: Select a transfer option in the dropdown box at the add-note screen.

- Method 2: Click on the three dots to the right of any asset and then select the item "Transfer" option.

- Steps to make a transfer are as follows:

Step 1: Enter the amount to transfer on this field.

Step 2: Select the source asset.

Step 3: Select the received asset (Note: the source asset and the received asset cannot be the same).

Step 4: Choose a date.

Step 5: Select the transfer fee (if any).

Step 6: Enter the fee (if any).

Step 7: Select the asset subject to the fee (if any).

Step 8: Select to upload the image to the note record.

Step 9: Click “Done” to complete the transfer.